The Premium New Design Ultrasonic Embroidery Sewing Machine

  • Basic configuration 1.New computer intelligent ultrasonic generator; 2.20K (-) Z ultrasonic transducer device; 3.Fixed suspension structure of bottom formwork; 4.Single motor (double motor) speed control system; 5.Manual (or optional pneumatic) pattern lifting system; 6.Double tube frame heavy machine platform;

* Click here to download PDF file for more detailed specification.


Working power supply 220V±/60HA6A
Input power 1500-2500W
Output frequency 20KHZ
Running speed 0-20m/min
Pattern size Width: 0-60mm; diameter: 50-60mm
Size(L*w*h) 1200*60*1200mm
Net weight 90KG
Total Power 20K 200W