The New Design Heat Sealing Machine

  • The Tech Details of the Heat Sealing Machine: When stitching the tape, the length of the front and tail of the tape can be intelligently adjusted according to the needs of the computer. Automatic and manual selection can be made when the end of suture tape is finished. After setting according to the working temperature, the PLC is fully controlled, the temperature fluctuation accuracy is +2℃, and the temperature upper limit is set with alarm control to protect the safe use of the heating wire and extend its service life, with low noise. Adopt the latest differential structure design, effectively solve the double shrinkage and wrinkle of elastic fabric and elastic tape in the heat bonding. The wide, reinforced square structure provides efficient and flexible working space. Model model: TC .V- 8 Voltage voltage: AC 220V 50/60hz Heat sealing speed 1-18m/min Rubber wheel specification:65mmx25mm Exterior size :1300mm(L)X600mm(W)X1800mm(H) Net Weight:150KG



The Fast Speed New Design Heat Sealing Machine

  1. Large, easy to read, high definition, light touch multi-function display screen, the use of speed, temperature, operation, programming to make a clear display.
  2. The stitching speed, temperature, operation and display are automatically and intelligently controlled by microcomputer, which can be programmed at any time according to the needs of users.