CO2 laser cutting machine

  • Five reflection mirrors and one lens design to ensure stable and constant light path, excellent for cutting/ engraving. Economic , cost-effective multi-functional laser cutting machine. Reliable product quality and overall cutting ability (multi-functional, applicable for cutting stainless steel , carbon steel , acrylic , MDF, die board). No-contact metal cutting auto-following device, to cut all kinds of materials with less investment.

Product Details

CO2 Laser cutting and Engraving machine

●Working area:1300*2500mm

●Laser tube: Reci brand 130W(W2) co2 laser tube power Optionas: 150w,180w,280w,300w ( Long lifetime,high efficiency)

●Table: Blade table

●Control system: RD control system (easy to learn and operate)

●Drive system:China stepper motor and drivers

●Rail: Taiwan PMI rail guide (high accuracy, long lifetime)

●Transmission: Shanghai Fulong belt (low noise, high transmission accuracy)

●Optical system: Singapore Wavelength lens and mirrors (automatic focus)

●Water chiller CW3000/5000/5200/6000

●Red point

●RD control system,USB offline

●RD untouched following system

●USB offline OR WIFI

●Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis transmision

●Water protection switch(guarantee water cycle of water chiller)

●Air pump

●Exhaust fan: 550w Dust collector (absorb the dust and harmful gas, keep the machine clean and protect workers’ body heath)

●Standard tool box

●Operation system:WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10


Product Specifications

Model BCJ2513
Working area 1300*2500mm
Laser power 60/80/100/130/150w
Engraving speed 0-60000mm/min
Resolution ratio 4000dpi
Cutting speed 0-40000mm/min
Cooling type Water pump/Water chiller
Power supply 220V/10A
Motor and driver Stepper motor and driver
Operating system RD control system
Operating temperature 0-45°C
Graphic format supported DSP, PLT, BMP, DXF, AL
Operating humidity 5-95%