What is the difference between CNC router machine and laser machine?

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The most widely used equipment in the advertising and woodworking industry is CNC router machines and laser machines. Many people have difficulty distinguishing the two devices accurately. If you don’t understand the difference between them, you can’t use them accurately for production. Many times a workpiece is machined by a mechanical engraving machine or a laser cutting machine. Many users and friends cannot understand it accurately. This is because everyone is not very familiar with these two kinds of equipment, and now REALTOPCNC company will bring everyone to come to know them and understand the differences and connections between them.

cnc router,laser machine,difference

The main difference between the CNC router machines and the laser machines is the difference in the way of engraving. The laser cutting machine uses the laser source as the engraving energy to engrave. The engraving of the CNC router machine is performed by using a metal cutter, and the types and specifications of the cutter are very high.

The main difference between CNC router machine and laser machine is as follows:

1. In the fineness of engraving, laser engraving is higher in precision than tool engraving, because the diameter of the laser engraving source is very small, and the tool engraving itself has a certain knife width, so in addition to the quality of the machine itself Contains the accuracy requirements of the tool.

2. On the engraving material, laser engraving is difficult to achieve deep engraving on metal materials, and it is only possible to engrave the coating on the metal surface. The tool engraving machine can achieve a certain depth of engraving, even cutting.

3. Laser engraving is a non-contact processing object. For planar engraving, there is no need to fix the workpiece. Since the tool engraving is contact-engraving, it is required to fix the workpiece.

cnc router,laser machine,difference

4. The laser tube has a certain life time limit, and the mechanical tool engraving does not have a time limit, but the tool wear also occurs, and it is necessary to replace the tool in the case of severe wear.

5. In plastic engraving, laser engraving may produce toxic gases. A specific air purification system is required to discharge the exhaust gas into the air, while the tool engraving machine does not pollute the air.

6. The ability of laser engraving to engrave photos is very good. You can directly engrave photos in JPG format, but tool carving can’t do this.

Of course, there is more than just this difference between laser engraving and tool engraving. There are many uses and functional differences. This is just a few examples. If you have any questions, please check our company website. More questions can be taken care of us, or keep in touch with our technicians and work together to make progress.